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COVID-19 and Kids

As the weeks progress, our understanding of how Covid-19 is affecting our population increases. One of the new developments is the occurrence of a rare immune response in children that can result in severe inflammation in multiple organ systems. Multisystem Inflammatory Disease (MID) is the term used to describe this condition in children. It is thought to arise after exposure to a virus, in this case Covid-19, and results in an exaggerated immune response in the child’s body where the immune system becomes overactive and starts to attack normal tissue such as the heart, lungs or kidneys. MID is similar in its presentation to Kawasaki Syndrome which is a rare condition in children where again there is an exaggerated response of the immune system after exposure to a virus.
There have been 100 cases of MID reported in New York City with three deaths over the past several week’s time. Let’s take a step back as we look at those numbers. In a city of 1.7 million children there have been 100 cases and 3 deaths. I’m not a mathematician, but those numbers are very low. There is a .000002% chance of your child dying from MID. Those numbers are not zero but they are very low.

What should you watch out for and how can you make sure that your child does not contract Covid-19 where they have a higher chance of making you or an older loved one sick, than getting very sick themselves?
Children with MID have high fevers as well as signs of inflammation in other areas; ie. red eyes, rash, vomiting and looking sick. If your child develops signs of Covid-19 such as fever and cough, stay calm, it is likely they will be fine and not develop MID. Follow my protocol of supplements, which includes Vitamins D and C, as well as Zinc, Selenium and oscillococcinum. The doses can be found on my website or contact my office for a telehealth consultation. If your child appears ill and you are worried please contact me or your pediatrician. If your child is rapidly getting worse go to the hospital for an evaluation but most importantly stay calm; myself and your entire health care team are here for you and your family.
Do not delay your child’s well care visit and vaccinations. Keeping your child healthy and free of other diseases will keep their immune system strong and better able to battle Covid-19 if they are exposed.
Lastly, please turn off the news. It is not helpful at this point to inundate yourself or your children with constant bad news. Limit yourself to 15 minutes per day when you get up in the morning and then turn it off. Go outside, take a walk. Breathe in the fresh, clean air of spring and appreciate the beauty around you. I know how hard this is for so many of you, but we will come through this together.

Jacqueline Jones

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