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COVID-19 Update: we are now open

As a valued member of my patient family, I greatly  appreciate the trust you place in our office.  On Tuesday , May 5 , my office at 1175 Park Avenue will be open. On May 8 my office at 147 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn will open. Our additional Brooklyn location will be open later this month.

We have implemented a strict infection control protocol to address the current situation. Social distancing techniques and appropriate protective equipment will be in place. Our efforts to provide you the safest and most effective care will be an on-going priority during these difficult times.

Our office is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, infection control and providing a safe environment for our staff. 

I am confident in our ability to provide quality care to you and your family in a safe environment for both you and my staff.

How to Schedule an Appointment in my office:

To schedule your next appointment, please call 212- 996-2559 or contact us via my website,

We Have implemented a rigorous infection control program:

We have implemented a COVID-19 specific protocol. This protocol includes instrument disinfection, rearranged our waiting rooms to allow for greater social distancing, thorough surface cleaning and exam room sanitizing between patients. Patients will also have the opportunity to wait in their cars until we are ready for you. Please complete all forms on line prior to arriving at our office. When patients enter the office, we ask that you also utilize a mask as well as cleaning your hands using the provided hand sanitizer or by washing your hands in the restroom. You’ll be asked to wear a mask or a face covering at all times when in our offices.

We will be pre-screening all patients: 

The safety and health of you and  your family is my highest priority. Patients will be properly assessed for COVID-19 risks (via phone or in person) prior to being allowed into our offices. In person visits for Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed and we will be scheduling a telehealth visit for an assessment and care.

Guidelines for Your Office Visit:

To help you prepare for your appointment, please keep the following in mind:

For our more vulnerable patients:

If you are coming to the office with a new born, please inform us and we will make special arrangements. If you are elderly or have specific health concerns, please schedule an early morning appointment and be sure and inform our staff of your health issues.

Telehealth Visits:

I will still be offering virtual visits for those patients who have temporarily relocated or who do not feel comfortable coming into the office this month. However, there are some conditions which are better assessed by an in-person visit so if possible, please schedule an in-office visit. 

 If you have symptoms consistent with Covid-19 infection or are self-quarantining due to exposure, please call for a virtual visit.

Jacqueline Jones

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