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To My Family of Patients and Friends

This is an anxiety provoking time for us all. We have not, in our lifetimes, experienced an epidemic of this proportion and it can be terrifying. As news floods the airwaves of the seriousness of this infection please take heart that while many people may contract COVID-19 only a small proportion will become seriously ill. Children fortunately have an extremely low risk of contracting COVID-19  and those who do usually have mild symptoms. There have been no deaths of children from COVID-19 reported so far.

What factors predispose adults to becoming seriously ill?

If you fall into one of these high-risk groups take extra precautions including working from home and avoiding large gatherings.

How to prepare for the spread of COVID-19

The majority of people with healthy immune system should be spared the most severe symptoms of the Coronavirus. What can you do to boost your immune system during these stressful times?

To prevent the spread of infection please follow the CDC guidelines for frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer with an alcohol content between 65%-90% alcohol, cover your sneeze and cough with your elbow not your hands, and if you are sick with any respiratory illness- stay home. We love seeing you in the office but if you have a cough and fever call before coming. If you are experiencing fever, cough and shortness of breath or have underlying medical problems and are concerned please reach out to us, your primary care provider or your local emergency room immediately by phone and we will assist you in obtaining emergency care. Please rest assured that we practice a stringent cleaning schedule. Our office is cleaned with disinfectant several times per day and each exam room is thoroughly disinfected between patients. Your safety and health is our paramount concern.

As New Yorkers we have survived challenges before. From 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy we have banned together to help each other through difficult times. Please rest assured that this difficult period will pass, and I and my staff are here to support you in any way we can.
Stay Healthy! Stay Calm!


Dr. Jackie Jones


Jacqueline Jones

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COVID-19 Update: we are now open

We have implemented a strict infection control protocol to address the current situation. Social distancing techniques and appropriate protective equipment will be in place. I am confident in our ability to provide quality care to you and your family.